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Effo customer card – terms and conditions

  • What can I use my Effo Customer Card for?

You can apply for an Effo Customer Card when are 18 years of age.

The customer card gives you the right to purchase products on credit in all our shops around the country.

The Effo Customer Card can also be put in to the Effo application, so that you can pay with your card on your smartphone instead of using the actual physical card.

How does the Effo Customer Card work?

The card can be used to the end of the month, which is declared on the card.

No later than at the end of the month, you as a card owner will get a new customer card sent to you with a new month of expiry.

The card can be used at card terminals and the card owner approves the transaction with a pin-code.

The card is personal and can only be used by the card owner. The card owner is responsible for all transactions.

The payment options

Purchases with the card are free of interests and with monthly settlements. The invoice will be sent at the beginning of the next month.

The payment terms are the exciting month plus 15 days. After this 1 % in interest will be added each month.

If you are consumer it is necessary, that the card is signed up for a payment service agreement, where the payments automatically will be withdrawn from your banking account.

We refer to the terms for automatic payment service agreement here:

If you want to resign the deal you can do it at

Where can I get an overview on discounts?

All discounts, all offers etc. can be found on our webpage, in store magazines and directly on the Effo app.

Customers are also welcome to contact the Effo Sales department with inquiries.

How do I get an overview on my purchases?

Your account will be settled in the end of each month.

When the agreement is signed up for an automatic payment service, you will get a notice in your internet bank, where it is stated which day the amount will be withdrawn from your bank account. Business customers will get invoices sent by mail or email.

A payment is received the same day the amount is received on Effo´s banking account.

Overview on purchases will be sent to you each month. You have the responsibility to check up on all transactions on the invoice and to report any possible protests against unauthorized- or error transactions as soon as possible.

How to keep my Effo Customer Card?

The card is attached to a pin-code, which by security reasons must not be accessible for unauthorized persons. The pin-code must not be kept together with the card.

The card must be kept in a secure way so that it cannot be used by an unauthorized person.

Purchases with the customer card can only be done by revealing the card physically or on the Effo app and by approving the purchase by using the pin-code.

If the customer card is lost, the customer care service at Effo must be notified instantly so that the card can be locked. See our contact information on

Misuse of the card

As a card owner you can be held reliable for unauthorized use of the customer card with those restriction that follows from existing payment regulations.

Securing the card

To prevent misuse of the card it is essential, that you give us notice if the card gets stolen, lost or in any other way cannot be found.

Locking of the card

Any abuse of the card will lead to that the card will be locked, that all credit amounts will be withdrawn, the account settled and the used amount will be due for payment instantly, regardless of other agreements regarding payment.

You can terminate the agreement on the customer card with Effo by a one-month term of notice, while Effo can terminate the agreement with a two-month term of notice.

If you do not comply with the terms of this document, there is a breach of contract. When there is a breach of contract, Effo can without any term of notice lock your customer card.

You have the possibility to complain about the decision to our customer care department.

What does the Effo Customer Card cost?

The Effo Customer Card is free of charge.

If there are any changes in the fees, you will get proper notice in advance.

What happens if I don´t pay in due time?

If there are sufficient funds on our banking account for a withdrawal, we will first try to reach a payment agreement with you before the case is forwarded to legal debt collection.

In addition, the card will be locked instantly.

Processing of my personal data  

We refer to our privacy policy which is also available on our webpage.

Changes of these terms and conditions

Changes of these terms and conditions, which are not in your favour, can be done with a prior notice of two months. The notice will be sent to you directly, for instance by post or email.

You carry the responsibility for, that you receive notice about the changes, if you have not informed Effo about changes in your address or email address.

If you do not approve to the changes in the terms and conditions the agreement between Effo and you regarding the Effo Customer Card comes to an end.

15. Changes in address and names

Notification of these changes must be sent to Effo as soon as possible. See more on

16. Access to complain

In some cases, you have the possibilities to complain to the Faroese consumer authority ´Brúkaraumboðið´. See more on

Other disputes, where there cannot be found an agreement, can be put before the Court of Faroe Islands.

17. APC (annual percentage rate)

These calculations are made with a principal of DKK 5.000 with a period of 1 year. The repayment is a credit with variable principal.

Level of usage                                                     APC before possible taxes

100 %0 %
50 %0 %
25 %0 %

APC for Effo Customer Card is DKK 0, and the yearly nominal interest rate is 0,0 %.

The information above is given in accordance with § 14 in the Faroese marketing regulation as a representative example.

These terms and conditions are valid from the 1st of January 2021.

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